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Book chalet AnneWill

We are pleased to help and assist you with your reservation of Chalet AnneWill.

Please contact us by:
 +31 (0)6 5191 2633

We’ll inform you about the rental possibilities, the availabilities and the prices of Chalet AnneWill.

The handling of your reservation will be done by our travel agency. Our travel agent is a member of SGR-Guarantee (Guarantee Fund for Travel bookings) and is a member of the Dutch Thuiswinkel Organisatie. You can book fast and safe with confidence.

In Bramberg our travel agency has their own reception facility with local employees. They will take care of chalet Annewill. You are welcomed by their hostess at the reception of skischool Bramberg in the Smaragdbahn building, where the keys of the chalet are handed over to you. For questions or remarks during your stay, you can contact the hostess.

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